American Society of Plumbing Engineers

‚ÄčNorthern California Chapter

Chapter History


The chapter is unique among all ASPE chapters in that it was started and sponsored by another chapter, the San Francisco Chapter. On December 27, 1981, Alan Neel, then Legislative Vice President of the San Francisco Chapter, introduced a resolution to the San Francisco Chapter Board of Directors regarding formation of a committee to investigate the feasibility of forming a new chapter in Sacramento. He was appointed Chairman of the Sacramento Chapter Committee. There were 20 members at that time who ultimately transferred membership from the San Francisco Chapter to the newly formed American River Chapter. The first meeting held in Sacramento was called on January 20, 1982, with Alan Neel, Harold Yackey, Paul Roman, Harry Moos, Phil Higley and Leonard Rea in attendance. It was agreed to hold meetings monthly and to begin membership recruitment, with a goal of meeting Charter requirements within approximately one year.

Membership growth was steady. At the first Charter petition, it was discovered that two of the signing members were ineligible because they had not paid their dues. It had been planned to have the Charter issued in December 1982. At the December 1982 meeting of the Interim Board, it was decided to wait until April 1983 to resubmit the petition, as many new members would be eligible to sign it, making the required 20 full or associate member signatures easy to meet. It was then decided that the Charter would be finalized in May or June 1983.

By April 1983, the Chapter had 36 members and the petition was resubmitted on April 2, 1983. The ASPE National Board of Directors approved the Charter petition the following week. The American River Chapter Board of Directors decided in March 1983 to have the Charter Night on May 17, 1983. The elections were held the same night and the official Board was installed on June 18, 1983 by the National Society President Calvin A. Laws.

In 1993 the chapter membership voted to change the name from American River Chapter to the Northern California Chapter. The impetus for the change was to give the Chapter more identity regionally and nationally.

Past Chapter Presidents
Alan Neel, P.E. 1982-1985
Harold Yackey, P.E. 1985-1987
Bill Wong, P.E. 1987-1988
Terry Koelzer, P.E. 1988-1990
Larry Oliver, CPD 1990-1992
Paul Roman, CPD 1992-1993
Larry Oliver, CPD 1993-1995
Alex Harp, P.E., CPD 1995-1997
Jeff Waring, P.E. 1997-1999
Chris Lehner 1999-2001
Reinhold Gerber, P.E. 2001-2002
Jim Powell, CPD 2002-2004
Michael Rodgers 2004-2008
Angela Bowman 2008-2010
Richard Lingo 2010-2013
Elias Hermosillo 2013-2015

Alex Harp, P.E., CPD 2015-2017

‚ÄčDavid Huhn, P.E. 2017-2019