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Young Professionals

The ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) special interest group is designed  for young industry professionals looking to meet with peers to share  experiences, exchange ideas about the plumbing design industry, and  network with other chapter members. The focus of AYP is to help young  plumbing engineers, design professionals, and practitioners establish  contacts and further the mission of the Society. ASPE Members 35 years  old and younger are all included in this special interest group. 


AYP is proud to present a new three-part webinar series that includes interactive learning and seeks to create confidence in the use of conflict resolution tools. Each webinar will increase the participant's knowledge and confidence in how to resolve conflict and seek opportunities within the situation. This series is catered to the young professional but any engineer or designer at any stage in their career will find use in this series. You can register for the series or individual on-demand webinars. This series does not award any CEUs and is FREE for ASPE members.

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